Simply put, clean air is healthier air, helping us feel and perform better, whether at home, study or work. Studies show that sick days reduce with increased clean air flow, and the benefits are being realised not only in industry, but also in the home, office, crèche and school.

As each ventilation system must fit the needs of the individual building, we’ll work with you to design and install the resource-conserving system that will provide clean air flow and extraction for optimum health and hygiene in your home or business.

At Irlam UK we offer a complete service to ventilate your property in the most effective and flexible way to adapt to your commercial or domestic needs. Our design team work with you from the start of the project, understanding your needs and offering individualised system solutions.

Irlam UK’s highly qualified engineers are expert in the design and installation of many different types of ventilation systems. Our experience extends through a wide range of products, which include the following applications:

  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • MVHR Domestic & Commercial
  • Hidden or bespoke architectural feature ducting installation
  • Large-scale energy-conserving heat recovery systems

We can install ventilation systems in combination with heating and air conditioning systems and hot water systems to create a fully integrated, easy to control solution. All our systems come with full aftercare and maintenance service contracts for trusted support and complete peace of mind. Finance packages are also available for projects. At Irlam UK we work with you to fit the most effective system for your long-term needs.

Did you know by installing the most energy efficient systems, we can help your business qualify for government subsidies and grants, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA)