The core of any comfortable home or effective business is a reliable system that supplies exactly the heating and hot water requirements to suit your individual needs.

Energy trials show that a 10 year-old system can be 5x less efficient, in both output and cost, than a modern one. An integrated up-to-date system could pay for itself in as little as two years. With our full plumbing service, we can advise across a range of commercial and domestic projects, from updating existing systems or fitting bespoke new ones, to complete architectural integration at newbuild or renovation stage.

At Irlam UK we offer a complete service to heat your property in the most effective and flexible way to adapt to your commercial or domestic needs. We can work with you from the start of the project, helping to understand your needs and offer individualised system solutions. Whether it’s a new build or the renovation of an existing site, we offer complete systems including integrated heating / hot water systems, underfloor heating and air and ground source heat pumps. This introduces the flexibility to ‘zone’ (heating individual rooms or areas independently), bringing responsive heating and cost effectiveness, whatever size of premises.

Irlam UK’s highly qualified engineers are expert in the design and installation of multiple boiler systems including offices, retail outlets, hotels, schools, warehouses and industrial units, restaurants, IT and flexible working spaces, care homes, domestic and commercial premises, where energy efficiency, reliability, and back up are critical. Our experience extends through a wide range of products, which include the following applications:

  • Boilers: Commercial, atmospheric, pre-mix, condensing, gas, electric, combi, oil fired and solid fuel
  • Heating Systems: Radiant, warm air, process steam & water, heat pumps, radiator
  • Water heating: direct, indirect, instantaneous
  • Energy-efficient system specialists: natural gas, biomass, LPG, on/off grid systems

We can install heating systems in combination with ventilation and air conditioning systems, air curtains and hot water systems to create a fully integrated, easy to control solution. All our systems come with full aftercare and maintenance service contracts for trusted support and complete peace of mind. Finance packages are also available for projects. At Irlam UK we work with you to fit the most effective system for your long-term needs.